Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Doraemon Movie 1995: Genesis Diary of Creation (Kisah Penciptaan Dunia) English Sub

Synopsis: Nobita stuck in his summer reserch homework. Doraemon help him using a “Genesis Set” to re create real miniature Planet Earth so Nobita could observe the history of Earth and Evolution. The man was born in the new earth, and humans were much like Nobita.But there are difference between this miniature earth and the real earth. In this miniature earth there are secret world of insects try to take over the human world, and Nobita, Doremon. Shizuka, Giant, and Suneo have to decide the future of the planet.

Language : Japan
Subtitle: English
Translator : KuroSyamito


  1. mcm mana nak download xpaham..tolong tunjokkan cara nak download doraemon ni..plizzzz ?????

  2. Only Youtube part 1 is working. Please fix thanks

  3. Tak dapat download lah...dekat youtube sudah di remove.. kat mediafire error pulak...hampa nya nak layan doraemon movie yang lama... Tolong bagi link yang boleh di download.. please :(